Jul 22, 2016

Feeling Blessed

Safely arrived in Kuala Lumpur late afternoon yesterday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and doas. Also the safe journey wishes. Couldn't have thank everybody personally as my inbox and timeline have been flooded with all sweet caring wishes. I appreciate every single bit of it.

While I was sorry to see my wonderful vacation end, I was also glad to be home safely with my family. Words could not express how I feel right now, to have been given the chance to share those days with those who matter most in my life.

Thank you Along and Kak Nadiah bagi tempat berteduh 😋 bagi pinjam dapur untuk masak and belanja macam macam. 💸 Wishing you a safe and great day ahead and may Allah ease your journey there.

Thank you Allah, for giving life to me and to my loved ones. Thank you Allah, for still giving us our dawns and our dusks, to live another day, every day. #Emotional #Blessed #SyukurAlhamdulillah #AnotherYearOlder #Family #Love #EURayaTrip2016 #AtuLiq

P/s: Missing my dearest little baby nephew who calls me Aunty Monkey. 😭 #QaidSafaraz #BabyNephew

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